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  Journal papers

1.Juntong Qi,Dalei Song, Hong Shang, Nianfa Wang, Chunsheng Hua, Chong Wu, Xin Qi and Jianda Han. Search and Rescue Rotary-Wing UAV and Its Application to the Lushan Ms 7.0 Earthquake . Journal of Field Robotics, ISSN:1556-4959. 2015.pp.1-32, EI:20152801010064

2.Dalei Song, Juntong Qi, Liying Yang, Jianda Han. Experimental Investigation for RUAV’s Actuator Fault Detections with AESMF. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ADVANCED ROBOTIC SYSTEMS. ISSN:1729-8806. 2015.Vol.12, pp.1-13. EI:20153101104529

3.Hua Chunsheng. Makihara Y.; Yagi Y. Iwasaki S.; Miyagawa K. Li B. Onboard monocular pedestrian detection by combining spatio-temporal hog with structure from motion algorithm. MACHINE VISION AND APPLICATIONS. ISSN: 0932-8092.2015. Vol.26, Issu 2-3, PP. 161-183 . EI: 20150200417160

4. Hua Chunsheng, Qi Juntong; Shang H.; Hu W.; Han J.D. Detection of collapsed buildings with the aerial images captured from UAV. SCIENCE CHINA Information Sciences . ISSN:1674-733X..2015.

5.Dalei Song, Xiangdong Meng, Juntong Qi. Strategy of Dynamic Modeling and Predictive Control on 3-DoF Rotorcraft Aerial Manipulator System(3自由度旋翼飞行机械臂系统动力学建模与预测控制方法). ROBOT(机器人). ISSN:1002-0446.2015 Vol.37,No.12,pp.152-160. EI: 20152300924817 

6.Hua Chunsheng,Makihara Yasushi, Yagi Yasushi, Iwasaki Shun, Miyagawa Keisuke, Li Bo. Onboard Monocular Pedestrian Detection by Combining Spatio-Temporal HOG with Structure from Motion Algorithm. Machine Vision and Applications. ISSN: 0932-8092.2015

7.Han Jianda, Zhu Zhiqiang, He Yuqing, Qi Juntong. A novel input shaping method based on system output. Journal of Sound and Vibration.ISSN: 0022-460X.2015. Vol.335, Pages:338-349.

Conference papers 

1.Li Bingbing, Liu Fan, Qi Juntong, Mei Sen, Lin Tianyu, Han Jiand. Transfer Functions Model Identification and Flight Test for  Powered Parafoil UAV(软翼无人机飞行试验及传递函数模型辨识). CCDC(第三十四届中国控制会议论文集B卷). 2015. Hang zhou, China. 2105-2111

2.Li Bingbing, Qi Juntong,Lin Tianyu, Mei Sen, Song Dalei, Han Jianda. Real-Time Data Acquisition and Model Identification for Powered Parafoil UAV. International Conference on Intelligent Robotics and Applications (ICIRA2015).2015. Portsmouth, UK. 24-27Aug.2015.556-567

3..QI Xin.Theilliol Didier, Qi Juntong, Zhang Youmin and Han Jianda. Self-healing control against actuator stuck failures under constraints: Application to unmanned helicopters. International Conference on Diagnostics of Processes and Systems (Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing).2015. Ustka, Poland. September 6-9,2015. 193-207.EI: 20154501506577

4.Chong Wu,Juntong Qi ,Dalei Song ,Xin Qi , Tianyu Lin , Jianda Han. Development of an unmanned helicopter automatic barrels transportation system. IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation(ICRA 2015). Seattle, WA.May26-30,2015. 4686-4691.EI: 20153101099047

5.Liang Yang, Dalei Song,Jizhong Xiao,Jianda Han,Liying yang,Yang Cao. Generation of Dynamically Feasible and Collision Free Trajectory by Applying Six-order Bezier Curve and Local Optimal Reshaping. 2015 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems(IROS 2015). Hamburg, Germany.Sep28-Oct3.2015. 643-648

6.Liang Yang, Juntong Qi,Liying yang, Yang Cao,Jianda Han,Jizhong Xiao. An Analytical Local Reshaping Algorithm. 8th International Conference(ICIRA 2015). Portsmouth, UK.Aug24-27.2015. 272-283

7.Liang Yang,Juntong Qi,Yang Cao,Yuqing He,Jianda Han,Jizhong Xiao. UAV Path Planning Framework Under Kinodynamic Constraints in Cluttered Environments. 8th International Conference(ICIRA 2015). Portsmouth, UK.. Aug24-27.2015. 248-259 

8.Lin tianyu,Li Yongzhe, Qi Juntong,Meng Xiangdong . Modeling and controller design of hydraulic rotorcraft aerial manipulator. 2015 27th Chinese Control and Decision Conference(CCDC). Qingdao.23-25 May.2015. 5446 – 5452. EI:20154401482224

9.Xiong, J., He, Y., Feng, G., Li, D., & Han, J. (2015). Quasi-LPV modeling and identification for a water-jet propulsion USV: An experimental study. Paper presented at the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Biomimetics.
10.Xiong, J., Li, D., He, Y., Gu, F., & Han, J. (2015). Active quasi-LPV modeling and identification for a water-jet propulsion USV: An experimental study. Paper presented at the 17th IFAC Symposium on System Identification SYSID 2015, Beijing, China. 
11.Yin, P., He, Y., Gu, F., & Han, J. (2015, December). Multi-relation octomap based Heuristic ICP for air/surface robots cooperation. In 2015 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Biomimetics (ROBIO) (pp. 1524-1529). IEEE.
12.Yin P,He YQ, Gu F, et al. GPU-enhanced Multi-Resolution Fusion method for Global Localization. IEEE-RCAR 2015, Cambodia, June 5 10, 2015.

13.Xin Qi, Theilliol Didier, Song Dalei & Han Jianda, Invariant-Set-Based Planning approach for obstacle avoidance under vehicle dynamic constraints. IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Biomimetics.Zhuhai,China,Apr24,1692-1697.EI: 20161802327773
14.Junfeng Xiong,Decai Li, Yuqing He,Gu Feng,&Jianda Han. Active Quasi-LPV Modeling and Identification for a Water-Jet Propulsion USV: An Experimental Study. 17th IFAC Symposium on System Identification, SYSID 2015.Oct19-21.2015.BeiJing,China,1359-1364, EI:20163902855848

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