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Journal Papers

1.Yuqing He, Jianda Han, Acceleration Feedback Enhanced Robust Control for Unmanned Helicopter, Journal of Guidance, Navigation and Control, 2010,33,4,1236-1250, EI: 20103713223012 SCI: 0002798894009

2.Juntong Qi, Dalei Song, Dai Lei, Jianda Han, Chaoyue Wang, The New Evolution for SIA Rotorcraft UAV Project, Journal of Robotics, 2010,2010,1,1-9

3.Yuqing He, Jianda Han, A New Kind Of Nonlinear Model Predictive Control Algorithm Enhanced By Control Lyapunov Functions, Model Predictive Control, 2010,59-86.

4.Dalei Song, Juntong Qi, Jianda Han, Model Identification and Active Modeling Control for Small-Size Unmanned Helicopters: Theory and Experiment, AIAA Guidance Navigation and Control, Toronto, 2010.8.2-2010.8.5, AIAA-7858 

5.Xingang Zhao, Jiarui Yi, Zhang Chan, Jianda Han,Reaserch on control method of small-Size Unmanned Helicopter based on remote control and data learning, Chinese journal of scientific instrument, 2010,31,8,76-80. EI: 20111113746619 

Conference Papers

1.Dalei Song, Juntong Qi, Jianda Han, Guangjun Liu, Active Modeling Based Predictive Control of Unmanned Helicopter in Full Flight Envelope, IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, Taiwan, China, 2010.10.12-2010.10.16, TUCT3.1. EI: 20110313603404

2.Wu Chong, Dalei Song, Juntong Qi, Jianda Han, Design and Implementation of a Compact RUAV Navigation System, Robotics and Biomimetics for Human Science and Engineering, 2010.Tianjin, China, 2010.12.14--2010.12.18, 1219—1224. EI: 20111313856284

3.Chen Yang, Jianda Han,LP-Based Path Planning For Target Pursuit And Obstacle Avoidance In 3D Relative Coordinates, Proceedings of the 2010 American Control Conference, ACC 2010, 2010, Baltimore, MD, USA, 2010.6.30-2010.7.2, 5394-5399  EI:20104113289042

4.Chen Yang, Xingang Zhao, Chan Zhang, Jianda Han, Relative Coordination 3D Trajectory Generation Based on the Trimmed ACO, 2010, Wuhan, China 2010.6.26-2010.6.28, 1531-1536. EI: 20111013722345

5.Chen Yang, Xingang Zhao, Jianda Han, Hovering Control of UAV Based on Autonomous Mapping Approach,2010,Tianjin, China, 2010.12.14-2010.12.18, EI: 20112814140888
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